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Precision™ 1000 Ultrasonic Surgical System

Precision™ 1000 Ultrasonic Surgical System

Precise Operation, Easy Handling


  • The process of shaft rotation wheel, control button and trigger are using soft rubber. 

  • The streamline ergonomic design of grip housing, holding operation is comfortable.

  • Ultrasonic scalpel has multiple functions such as hemostasis, cutting, grasping, dissection, etc. So it can reduce the intraoperative

  • replacement of instruments and shorten the operation time.

  • The instrument with gripping force cushion and auditory feedback to guarantee for the reliable working.

  • High-performance compression energy.

  • Tactile & auditory feedback, easy to precise assembly

Areas of application

  • General Surgery

- Upper Gastrointestinal

- Colorectal


- Bariatric Surgery

  • Gynaecology

  • Urology

  • Thoracic Surgery

Technical Parameters

Ordering Information

Technical Specifications

Technical data summary: Purwell Procision1000 generator

Line frequency50/60Hz
Mains voltage100-240V~ (土10%)
Main fuseTSAH 250V(quantity:2)
Max.power consumption150VA
DisplayLCD, 7"
Output frequency55.5 士0. 5KHz

Shear (disposable, 6pcs/color box, 24pcs/package)14 cmPR14
23 cmPR23
36 cmPR36

Provide Total Solution For
Patients With
Cardiovascular Disease
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