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  • High speed and throughput

  • Convincing performance

  • Benchtop and cabinet design

  • Flexible workbench setup

  • Intuitive and flexible software

  • Cost-effective

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Specifications Addcare Elisassist One

ModelADC ELISA 180
DesignBenchtop system with singe plate ELISA processing unit combining pipetting position, washer, incubator and reader on one module
Liquid handling systemPipetting by air displacement, disposable tips
Number of channels1
Specification of tips300µl, 800µl tips

Pipetting range | increment

Pipetting precision and accuracy

Liquid handling speed

Liquid handling functions

Range: 0.5 to 800µl | Increment: 0.1µl

Type of tip @ Volume Accuracy Precision (CV%)

300μl     50μl     1.0%    <0.75%

800μl    100μl    1.0%    <0.75%

1300sec pipetting 100µl into 96-wells (incl. tip exchange)

160sec dispensing 100µl into 96 wells (no tip exchange)

Pipetting, dispensing, dilution, conjugation, aliquoting, multiple- and diversified dispensing

Liquid level monitoringLiquid level monitoring, clot monitoring and empty tube monitoring
Racks Samples | Reagents
Sample tubes≥8x12=96 samples (standard tube diameter 13mm, other diameters on request)
Reagent Racksbottles / vials (16+7+5) in custom rack
Plate positionsOne plate on plate drive + one standard or deep well plate predilution
Incubator1 (in light protected position)
Temperature rangeRoom temperature to 60°C, 0.1°C increment
Accuracy±0.5°C @ 37°C

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