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Angiopower™ Inflation Device
Angiopower™ Inflation Device

Angiopower™ Inflation Device


• Analog/fluorescent display  

• Symmetrical handling  

• Ergonomic design  

• Barrier screw pivot  

• Smooth fine adjustment  

• Rapid trigger release 

Angiopower™ Inflation Device Details

Product Description  

Angiopower™ Inflation Device

Product Features

• Fluorescence clock face for clearer display.

• Smooth fine adjustment for accurate inflation.

• Barrier screw pivot provides precise pressure placement.

• The internal multi-buckle structure ensures more secure lock.

• Ergonomic grip fits comfortably in either hand.

• Petal-shaped handle ensures torque control without slipping.

Product Benefits

• Visual pressure control  

• For right and left-hand users  

• Easy piston grip  

• Rapid inflation  

• Effective pressure transmission 

• Rapid/secure deflation

Product Ranges

• Maximum pressure: 30atm  

• Barrel volume: 20mL  

• Stopcock: 3-way 500psi  

• Tubing: length 33cm 1200psi 


Ordering Information

Technical Parameters
Pressure30 atm (440psi)
Barrel Volume20mL
Stopcock3-way 500psi
Extension Tubing33cm, 1200psi, male rotating Luer connector

Catalogue NoInflation Range (atm)Stopcock

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