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  • Supporting device set for orthopedics

  • Abundant supporting instruments available

  • Sapphire protection lens, never worn

  • Optical cable interface and camera interface can be matched with other brands

  • A direction indicator in the field of view, to determine the direction during operation

  • Maintenance-free valve capable of rotating 360° to prevent pipe winding

  • 4mm、3mm、2.7mm are available

Arthroscope Details


Product Features

  • Endoscope adopts imported stainless steel material

  • Endoscope adopts German optic glass,light fiber and light cone

  • Adopt the patented technology of rod optical lens,clear field of view

  • With direction index,sapphire lens cover never abrasion

  • The operation instruments adopt imported stainless steel material,no coating,good anti-corrosion function

  • Stainless steel valve,easy for maintenance,avoid damaging

Product Application

  • Suitable for orthopedic surgery with power planing system level perfusion equipment.

Ordering Information


Field of view(°)


· J0200G

· 90

· 0° Ø4mm (B) x 175mm (A)

· J0230G

· 90

· 30° Ø4mm (B) x 175mm (A)

· J0270G

· 90

· 70° Ø4mm (B) x 175mm (A)

*Product registration and availability vary by country. For more information on product availability, please contact us here.

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