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Bipolar Active Fixation Lead
Bipolar Active Fixation Lead

Bipolar Active Fixation Lead

Bipolar lead with smooth coating. 

Stable fixation.


  • Lead tip coated with adrenocorticosteroids and TiN coating, providing more stable performance after mid and long-term implantation.

  • Hydrophilic coating immobilized on the insulating layer to effectively decrease friction force by 27.5% compared with non-coating layer, achieving more smoothly placing procedures.

Technical Parameters

Ordering Information

Lead TypeBipolar, Active fixation, Drug releasing
Drug ContainingDexamethasone sodium phosphate (0.75mg)
Lead ConnectorIS-1 BI
Length45cm / 53cm / 60cm
Minimum Introducer Compatibility7F
Tip Electrode Surface Area6.8mm²
Electrode Space10mm
Electrode Material (Cathode)Pt-lr
Conductor MaterialMP35N
Insulator MaterialMedical silicone rubber

Catalogue No.Length (cm)Lead TypeApplication

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