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Thrombelastography Analyzer CFMS LEPU-8800

Thrombelastography (TEG) is a method of testing the efficiency of coagulation in the blood.It has been widely used for decades in the world,TEG provides an effective and convenient means of monitoring whole blood coagulation.It evaluates the elastic properties of whole blood and provides a global assessment of haemo-static function.


• Fast: test time about 25min

• High accuracy

• Easy to use

• Intelligent operation


• Evaluate the prenatal prothrombotic state and prepare the essential treatment as early

as possible.

• Evaluate the overall perspective of coagulation,screening coagulation disorders,determine

the function of coagulation.

• Guide individualized blood transfusion and avoid unnecessary component transfusion.

• Assist in tining of caediac surgery,predict blood loss before the operation.

• Monitor the efficacy of antiplatelet and anticoagulant therapies.

• Detect the residues of heparin,reduce the risk of bleeding.

Technical Specification

CFMS 8800

Assay Technology

Electromagnetic Methods (Converts mechanical motion into electrical signal by electromagnetic induction)

Sample Requirement

Sodium citrate anticoagulated whole blood, heparin anticoagulated whole blood.The dosage of whole blood for each test is 0.36ml.

Test Time

20-25 min

Testing Channel

2 channels, Can Expanded 2 channels to 8 channels based on usage.

Temperature-control system

Independently temperature control system in each channel and can be adjusted as needed

Export Parameters

Over 20 international standard parameters

Duplicate Detection

CV≤15% (Sample test for 5 times)

Report Mode

Figure& Data. Export tentative diagnosis advice.


Adapter input voltage: AC:220V±22V,  Frequency:50Hz±1Hz, inputpower: 46W

Dimensions L×W×H mm

290× 220× 180

Weight Kg


Diagnostic Kits

Catalogue No.Certification
CFMS Thromboelastography (general cup)Test KitCE
CFMS Thromboelastography (heparinase cup)Test KitCE
CFMS Platelet Function Test Kit-AA /ADP/ADP and AA Activated pathwayCE
CFMS Thrombelastograph Activation of Blood Coagulation Test KitCE
CFMS Thrombelastograph Function Functional Fibrinogen Test KitCE
CFMS Thrombelastograph Coagulation ControlCE

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