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Dual Chamber Pacing System Analyzer
Dual Chamber Pacing System Analyzer

Dual Chamber Pacing System Analyzer

Dual chamber pacing System Analyzer application is used to assess electrical performance and placement of cardiac lead systems during implant of cardiac rhythm management devices

Pacing System Analysis

  • 10 types of testing modes

  • One-key test design

  • High precision of pacing threshold testing

  • Exact adjustments of pacing parameters

  • Real-time ECG

Pacemaker Testing

  • One-key test of pacemaker basic parameters

  • Global waveforms of sensitivity test

Built-in printer, self-check and self-test are available

Technical Parameters

Ordering Information

Basic Rate (ppm)31-180 (Dual chamber 31-90)1
Pacing Interval (ms)333-1935 (Dual chamber 667-1935)1
Max. Rate Limitation (ppm)100-180 (Only for dual-chamber DDD/VDD)1
Pulse Amplitude (V)0.10-10.00.1
Pulse Width (ms)0.05-2.500.01
Sensing Sensitivity (mV)0.5-10.00.25
Refractory Period (ms)200-50025
A-V Interval (ms)50-300 (Only for dual-chamber pacing mode)1
Hysteresis (ms)0-4001
Quick Stimulate Rate (ppm)31-800 (Dual chamber 31-350)1

Catalogue No.QM2352A

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