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Flager<sup>®</sup>Neurovascular interventional guide wire
Flager<sup>®</sup>Neurovascular interventional guide wire

Flager®Neurovascular interventional guide wire

Catheters and Other Interventional Devices are Selectively Guided and Placed in the Neurovascular System.

Product Detais

Product Specification

  • Guide wire tip design

With classical core-to-tip design, while the tip end flexibility is ensured, tactile feedback can be realized so that the guide wire features outstanding maneuverability.


  • Multi-section mandrel design

Ensuring the flexibility and traceability of the distal end, and considering good torsion control and support, the guide wire can safely and smoothly pass through lesions or tortuous blood vessels.


  • Two different sheath structures

1. The design of the distal coil sheath and polymer sheath makes the guide wire have good tactile feedback, which can meet clinical needs.

2. All-polymer sheath design at the distal end makes the headend smoother and easier to pass through tortuous and high-resistance lesions.

Separable point design

320 cm guide wire is composed of a 200 cm guide wire and an extended guide wire.



[Separable Point of Guide Wire]

[Butt Joint of Separable Point]

  • Non-invasive headend

Damage to the vascular structure can be avoided when the guide wire contacts the vascular wall.

  • Visibility during operation

The 3cm visible coil can enhance the visibility of the guide wire headend.

  • Differential coating designs

The distal hydrophilicity can reduce the resistance against the guide wire in the vessel, while the proximal hydrophobicity can lower the friction between the devices.

  • Torque Response

Good torque control, torque control ratio (1:1), accurate torque control feedback, and synchronous operation.

  • Availability in rich models

320 cm and 200 cm structures, two lengths, and 4 models are available.

Models & Specifications

Outer Diameter


Length of Polymer Sheath


Total Length


Tip shape






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