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Frepass<sup>®</sup> Disposable Microcatheter
Frepass<sup>®</sup> Disposable Microcatheter

Frepass® Disposable Microcatheter

Frepass® Microcatheter is applied for selective digital angiography, delivery embolic agents (such as embolic coils, flow diverter, stent, etc. ) and vascular stents into artery vessels.

Frepass® Disposable Microcatheter Details

  • Three-layer structure of the microcatheter contributes to the high static pressure resistance.

  • Multi-segments design with smooth transition ensures excellent flexibility, crossability and pushability during delivery.

  • Soft segment is covered by coiled Pt-W alloy, which provides great radiopacity and better trackability in the vessel

  • Ultra-soft tip ensures better plasticity even for multiple times of tip shaping.

Frepass® Disposable Microcatheter Features

Flexible Three-layer Structure

The microcatheter is composed of resin outer layer, metallic supporting layer, and PTFE inner layer. The distal section is applied by coiled Pt-W alloy, and the proximal section is applied by braided stainless steel mesh.

Excellent Supporting Performance

The distal soft segment is divided into two hardness levels, which could provide great supporting performance at aneurysm neck that help to prevent from the reactive force during the process of releasing the coil.

Good Tip Shaping Ability

The scientific thickness of resin outer layer could maintain the tip shape during delivery. Doctors could shape the tip repeatedly according to the clinical requirements.

Multi-segments Design with Smooth Transition

Smooth transition of the segments with different levels of hardness provides excellent 1:1 torque control. The proximal stiff segment and distal soft segment ensure the favorable pushability and flexibility.

Longer Distal Soft Segment

Longer distal soft segment enhances the crossability of the microcatheter in tortuous vessels, which makes it easy to manipulate.

Outstanding Distal Radiopacity

Other than the two markers, the whole soft segment also provides great radiopacity, which ensures the trackability of the microcatheter in the vessel. 

Ordering Informations

Catalogue No.Catheter I.D.Catheter Distal O.D.Catheter Proximal O.D.Effective LengthMax. Guide Wire O.D.Tip ShapeMarkers
TJMC100.015”1.8F2.2F150cm0.012"Straight, Steam Shapeable2
TJMC140.0165”1.9F2.3F150cm0.014"Straight, Steam Shapeable2
TJMC160.021”2.3F2.8F150cm0.018"Straight, Steam Shapeable2
TJMC180.027”2.5F2.8F140cm0.021"Straight, Steam Shapeable1

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