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Knee Joint Femoral Instrument Case
Knee Joint Femoral Instrument Case

Knee Joint Femoral Instrument Case

1Medullary Locator
3Drill Bit(Φ3.2)
4Drill Bit (Femoral Locating Drill)
5Femoral Block Connector
6Fixing Pin(Long PinI)
7Torque Handle
8I.M.Rod、Alignment Rod I、Alignment Rod II
10Universal Handle
12Knee Surgical Guide( Resection Guide )
13Knee Retractor
14Bone Retractor
15Fixing Pin( Long PinI I)
16Femoral Resection Guide
17Drill Bit(Medullary Drill )
18Pin Extractor
194-in-1 Chamfer Block
20Fast Handle
21Slap Hammer
22Resection Osteotome
23Intercondylar Notch Resection Guide(0-5)
24Bone Gauge
25Femur Trial (PS 0/L_5/L)、(PS 0/R-5/R)
26Femur Insertor
27Femur Insertor
28Tibial Insert Trial(PS 0/8、10、12.5、15)Black
29Tibial Insert Trial(PS 2/8、10、12.5、15)Blue
30Tibial Insert Trial(PS 4/8、10、12.5、15)Yellow
31Tibial Insert Trial(PS 6/8、10、12.5、15)Brown
32Knee Space Assesment Block(8、10、12.5、15)Block
33Tibial Insert Trial(PS 5/8、10、12.5、15)Beige
34Tibial Insert Trial(PS 3/8、10、12.5、15)Green
35Tibial Insert Trial(PS 1/8、10、12.5、15)Gray
36Tibial Tray Trial(0- 5)
37Resection Guide
38Tibial Punch Guide(0- 3)
39Tibial Punch Guide(4- 6 )
40Medullary Drill
41Bone Cement Tibial Punch
42Tibial Tray Impactor
43Tibial Insert Impactor
44Tibial Resection Locating Guide
45Alignment Handle
46Tibial Resection Locating Rod
47Fixing Pin(Short)
48Fixing Pin(Long )
49Depth Rule
50Tibial Resection Alignment Guide

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