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LMT 10 Digital Thermometer
LMT 10 Digital Thermometer

LMT 10 Digital Thermometer

LMT 10 digital thermometer has a pure white light body. The light weight and small size make the product easy to use and carry. The digital thermometer can measure the human body temperature quickly and accurately with the buzzing reminder. In addition to high measurement accuracy, LMT 10 is also a device with IP22 waterproof level.

Performance Parameters

Standard Type: Medical Standard

Division Value: 0.1°C /0.1°F

Measurement Range: 32.0 °C to 42.9 °C (89.6°F to 109.2°F)

Product Size: 130.5(length) mm X 20.5 (width) mm X 11.4(height) mm

Accuracy: (35℃~42.0℃) ±0.1℃; (32.0 ~ 34.9 °C and 42.1 ~ 42.9 °C) ± 0.2 °C

Buzzing Reminder: Yes

Product Weight: 12g (Including Battery)

Can Be Switched Between °C and °F: Yes

Water Proof: Yes

Battery Lifetime: Approx. 10000 Measurements (Using a New Battery)

Battery: LR41 (1.5V) / SR41 (1.55V)

Operating Conditions: 5-40 °C

Automatic Shutdown Time: 8 Minutes 40 Seconds ± 1 Minute

Storage / Transport Conditions: -20 ~ +55 °C

Normal Body Temperature Range: Armpit temperature: 36.0℃-37.3℃;Rectal Temperature: 36.5℃-37.6℃; Oral Temperature: 35.9℃-36℃

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