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Manual Method
Manual Method

Manual Method

Nucleic Acid Extraction or Purification Kit Manual Method


  • Reliable

  • Convincing performance

  • Fast

  • Rapid, effective and sensitive purification by unique separation function with silicon magnetic beads and buffer system;

  • DNA ready for PCR, RT-PCR, enzyme cutting, reverse transcription, Southern blot and other downstream applications

  • Suitable specimen types: whole blood, tissue homogenate, swab, serum, plasma, alveolar lavage fluid and etc;

Standard Configurations

Ordering Information

ModelNucleic Acid Extraction or Purification Kit (Manual method)
ComponentBuffer BP
Washing buffer I/Washing buffer II/RNase free H₂O/ Beads suspension
Spec. & Qty20mL/vial×1
IngredientsGuanidine isothiocyanate , Triton X-100,
2-mercapto-Ethanol , SDS,
Iso-Propyl alcohol, Trisodium citrate dihydrate
DEPC water / Magnetic bead

Catalogue No.Nucleic Acid Extraction or Purification Kit (Manual method)CE

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