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Proender<sup>®</sup> Disposable Embolic Protection Device
Proender<sup>®</sup> Disposable Embolic Protection Device

Proender® Disposable Embolic Protection Device

Proender® Disposable Embolic Protection Device is indicated for use as a guide wire and embolic protection system to contain and remove embolic material (thrombus/debris) while performing angioplasty and stenting procedures in carotid arteries.

Proender® Disposable Embolic Protection Device Features

Soft Material and Safe Design

Soft braided nitinol filter provides great crossability in tortuous vessels. The unique filter opening design ensures the perfectly fit between the filter and vessel wall. The round distal tip minimize the risk of trauma to the vessel.

Precise Positioning Markers

Two radiopaque markers at proximal and distal ends of the filter ensure its axially precise positioning. The gold loop design could identify the release status of the filter.

Effective Filter Pore Design

Gradient filter pore diameter provides much lower endovascular pressure rather than the polymer membrane filter products in the market. This product guarantees efficient embolus capturing while maintaining the continuous blood flow.

Convenient Exchange of Guide Wire

Integrated sheath for delivery and retrieval is compatible with 0.014" guide wire, which could achieve rapid exchange during the procedure.

Excellent Delivery and Retrieval System

Delivery sheath provides gradient hardness. The softer distal segment ensures outstanding kink resistance. Retrieval sheath provides larger inner lumen size. By coating with PTFE inside, the friction can be reduced.

Good Guide Wire Supporting

Gradient hardness design of guide wire ensures great torque control and good supporting force. 

Independent Guide Wire Structure

Unique fixed casing design allows the guide wire rotating and moving axially in a specific range, which prevents the filter from displacement, and protects the vessel wall from trauma.

Ordering Information

Catalogue No.Filter Diameter (mm)Guide Wire Length (cm)

Guidewire Compatibility

Delivery Shaft O.D.Retrieval Shaft O.D.



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