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Tadpole™ Coronary Dilatation Catheter
Tadpole™ Coronary Dilatation Catheter

Tadpole™ Coronary Dilatation Catheter


It's Made to Cross

Tadpole™ Coronary Dilatation Catheter Details

Product Description

Tadpole Coronary Dilatation Catheter

Product Features  

• 0.017" soft tapered tip  

• Short and round shoulder design  

• Pebax balloon material  

• 2 swaged Platinum markers  

• Hydrosurf™ coating on the distal shaft  

• PTFE coated Hypotube™ proximal shaft  

• 3-directional-memory-folds balloon  

• Great re-folding ability  

• Excellent withdrawal ability  

• Capable of kissing balloon under 6F guiding catheter  

Product Benefits  

• Easy delivery  

• Enhanced crossability  

• Precise dilatation  

• Minimized damage to the vessel wall  

• Good performance for repeated dilatation  

Product Ranges  

• Ø 1.2 - 2.0 mm  

• 6 - 30 mm multi balloon lengths 


Ordering Information

Technical Parameters
Catheter DesignRapid Exchange
Balloon ComplianceSemi-compliant
Distal Shaft O.D.2.7F
Proximal Shaft O.D.1.9F
Tip Profile0.017”
Minimum Guiding Catheter Compatibility5F (0.056”)
Guide Wire Compatibility0.014”
Effective Length142cm
Nominal Pressure8 atm (φ2.25mm-3.0mm) / 6 atm (φ3.5mm-4.0mm)
Rated Burst Pressure16 atm (φ2.25mm-3.75mm) / 14 atm (φ4.0mm)

Balloon Diameter (mm)Balloon Length (mm)
2.25*LPCRX 22008LPCRX 22010LPCRX 22012LPCRX 22015LPCRX 22020LPCRX 22025LPCRX 22030
2.5LPCRX 25008LPCRX 25010LPCRX 25012LPCRX 25015LPCRX 25020LPCRX 25025LPCRX 25030
2.75LPCRX 27008LPCRX 27010LPCRX 27012LPCRX 27015LPCRX 27020LPCRX 27025LPCRX 27030
3LPCRX 30008LPCRX 30010LPCRX 30012LPCRX 30015LPCRX 30020LPCRX 30025LPCRX 30030
3.5LPCRX 35008LPCRX 35010LPCRX 35012LPCRX 35015LPCRX 35020LPCRX 35025LPCRX 35030
4LPCRX 40008LPCRX 40010LPCRX 40012LPCRX 40015LPCRX 40020LPCRX 40025LPCRX 40030

Notice: The sizes with * mark require a minimum quantity of 10 pcs per order. Please contact local sales for details before placing order.

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