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Thromsweeper™ Thrombus Extraction Catheter
Thromsweeper™ Thrombus Extraction Catheter

Thromsweeper™ Thrombus Extraction Catheter


• Large aspiration lumen  

• Dedicated tip design with radio paque marker  

• Low crossing profile  

• Distal shaft with hydrophilic coating  

• Removable support-wire 

Thromsweeper™ Thrombus Extraction Catheter Details

Product Description  

Thromsweeper™ Thrombus Extraction Catheter

Product Features

• Large suction lumen minimizes the flow resistance and boosts the extraction performance.

• Low crossing profile is designed for the compatibility with the smallest 6F guiding catheter.

• Hydrophilic coating on distal shaft provides great crossability and deliverability.

• Embedded Platinum marker empowers smooth-feeling of delivery and visualization.

• Removable support-wire helps rapidly and easily reach to the lesion.

Product Benefits

• Constant, high-performance aspiration  

• Atraumatic and visualization  

• Provide good crossability  

• Excellent pushability and kink resistance  

• Rapid and easy reach to lesions

Product Kit Components

• Rx Kink-Resistant Thrombus  

• Extraction Catheter  

• Extraction Syringe  

• Filter Basket  

• Stopcock  

• High Pressure Extension Tube  

• Flush Needle 


Ordering Information

DesignRapid Exchange
Guiding Catheter Compatibility(minimum)6F (0.070")
Guide Wire Compatibility0.014"
Effective Length1450mm
Extraction Lumen Area1.03mm2
Guide wire Lumen Length113mm
Catheter O.D.Proximal1.27mm

Catalogue No.Specification

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