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Ultraskin™ Hydrophilic Guide Wire
Ultraskin™ Hydrophilic Guide Wire

Ultraskin™ Hydrophilic Guide Wire


• Nitinol core wire guarantees great tip shape retention, outstanding kink resistance and 1:1 torque control.

• PU Jacket incorporated with tungsten provides highly radiopacity.

• Super smooth hydrophilic coating reduces friction, and provides excellent navigation in and out the catheter.

• Soft tapered tip increases distal flexibility, contributes to smooth vessel insertion, and minimizes the risk of trauma. 

Ultraskin™ Hydrophilic Guide Wire Details

Product Description  

Ultraskin™ Hydrophilic Guide Wire

Super Smooth and Stable HydrosurfTM Coating

The patented hydrophilic coating contributes to excellent navigation,  which is shown by the uniform and low friction after multi-times tests.  

Ultraskin™ Hydrophilic Guide Wire Details

Super Smooth and Stable HydrosurfTM Coating

Product Features

• Nitinol core wire  

• Soft tapered tip  

• Polyurethane jacket with tungsten  

• HydrosurfTM coating  

• 1:1 transmission

Product Benefits

• Excellent kink resistance  

• Good tip shape retention  

• Enhanced visibility  

• Outstanding pushability  

• Minimized damage to vessel wall  

• Super smooth insertion

Product Ranges

• Outer diameter: 0.018"/0.032"/0.035"  

• Length: 150/180/260cm  

• Tip curve: straight/135°angled/reshapable 

Ordering Information

Catalogue No.Outer DiameterGuide Wire Length (cm)Distal CurveNote
SD-A322600.032”260135° AngledStandard
SD-A351500.035”150135° AngledStandard
SD-A351800.035”180135° AngledStandard
SD-A352600.035”260135° AngledStandard
SP-S351500.035”150StraightReshapable Tip
SP-A351500.035”150135° AngledReshapable Tip
SP-S351800.035”180StraightReshapable Tip
SP-A351800.035”180135° AngledReshapable Tip
ST-S351500.035”150StraightStiff Shaft
ST-A351500.035”150135° AngledStiff Shaft

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