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Video Endoscopes and Endoscopic Ultrasonic Probes VSONIC 600B
Video Endoscopes and Endoscopic Ultrasonic Probes VSONIC 600B

Video Endoscopes and Endoscopic Ultrasonic Probes VSONIC 600B

Panoramic 360° ultrasound view

High resolution ultrasound imaging

VsonicPro Mini Probes

Video Endoscopes and Endoscopic Ultrasonic Probes VSONIC 600B Details

Panoramic 360° ultrasound view

The mechanical radial scanning probes featured with 360˚

circumferential scanning direction, provide a panoramic ultrasonic view for precise examination of tissue layers.

High resolution ultrasound imaging

Wideband high-frequency ultrasound images and low-noise signal processing technologies make the better resolution and detecting depth possible.

VsonicPro Mini Probes

• Easy endoscopic ultrasonography during routine examinations.

• Multi-frequency probes provide different choices for ultrasound imaging.

• Compatible with any scopes with the ID of working channel from 1.7mm or more.






Ultrasonic Frequency



Display Mode


Scanning method

Mechanical radial scanning

Scanning direction

360° circumferential, in perpendicular direction withrespect to probe insertion direction

Working length

2,050 mm

2,150 mm

Total length

2,140 mm

2,240 mm

Insertion tube


1.4 mm

Maximum diameter


1.4 mm

Compatible scope

≥2.0 mm

≥1.7 mm


Light 680 Xenon Light Source, Smart View 680 VideoProcessor, powered with the high resolution 600G series gastroscopes with the OD from 5.6-9.9mm and 600I series colonoscopes with the OD from 9.0-13.2mm.

HD and HR images are achieved through the wide range of image latitude, spatial frequency response, low noise color reproduction by high-speed image signal transmission,image enhancement algorithms and uniform illumination with the brightness auto-adjustment etc.

Vsonic 600 B upgrades the system software from Version 1 (Vsonic 600) to Version 2.




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