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DNA extraction & PCR preparation ADC CH196
  • Independent intellectual property right and user-friendly design

  • Adjustable fast cooling module and incubation module

  • The automatic loading function of the magnetic rod sleeve avoids the contamination of consumables caused by manual loading

  • With the anti-drop design of magnetic beads, liquid splashing can be prevented to ensure the reliability of experimental results

  • Regular ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization of work area to ensure biological safety; the function of cleaning waste tips provided to reduce waste pollution

  • Due to open platform management, the reagent has a wide range of applications and suits most of the same kind of detection on the market

Standard Configurations

Ordering Information

ModelADC CH196
1 working cabin
4 pipetting channels
1intelligent gripper
20×5=100 rail samples position
Rail reagent carrier (multi-functional extraction reagent positions can be customized)
Tip carrier (200μl and 800μl sampling tips can be set)
1X96 extraction module, with shaking and heating functions
Barcode scanner (sample/deep well plate)
Incubation temperature: RT-100C, Kits cooling temperature: 2-8C

Catalogue No.CH196

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