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Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzer BC-600
Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzer BC-600

Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzer BC-600


• Quality control, calibration and real-time. 

• Automatic cleaning to prevent pollution

• Integrated liquid-level detection and probe to prevent injection pollution

• Automatic and integrated design with accuracy and reliability. 

• Space-saving and cost-effective design

• Real-time insertion of emergency samples. Separate stirring for thorough mixing

• Humanized operation and optimized traceability

Device Specification


Wavelength Range

Flat image field grating-type optical splitting system,12 Wavelengths(340nm


Temperature System

Constant temperature water circulation, uniform and stable temperature

Dimensions WxDxH mm



300 kg

Sample Assembly

Sample Types

serum, plasma, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, etc.



Sample Positions

115  sample positions  (50  conventional samples,  34  calibration products,  20  emergency treatment samples, 8  quality control products, and 3  cleaning fluids).

Reagent Assembly

Reagent Positions

Double reagent compartments

(45*2=90) reagent positions with refrigeration function

Reagent Storage Temperature


Reagent Volume

20 µl- 350 µl

Reagent Level Sensor

Integrated with sample needle

Power information


System: Connect LIS/system

Interface: CAN card USB cable

Computer and printer(Optional)

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