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Instrument Set for Femoral Reconstruction Interlocking Nail (II) (PFNA)
Instrument Set for Femoral Reconstruction Interlocking Nail (II) (PFNA)

Instrument Set for Femoral Reconstruction Interlocking Nail (II) (PFNA)

1Radiographic Ruler——
2Positioning Slice(Obturator)——
3Wire Thread Device(Protect Sleeve)16.5
4Wire Thread Device(Pin Sleeve)16.5/3.2
5Positioning Pin3.2*400
8Guide Pin (Ball Pin)2.5/4.0*680
9Quick Coupling Handle——
10Flexible Reamer9
11Flexible Reamer10
12Flexible Reamer11
13Flexible Reamer12
14Flexible Reamer13
15Aiming Arm(Handle)——
16Aiming Arm(Connecting Screw)——
17Wrench(Connecting Screw Wrench)sw8
18Slide Hammer(Nail Connector)3.2
20Fixation Pin——
21Aiming Arm(Proximal Outrigger)——
22Wrench(Mini Wrench)——
23Aiming Arm( Screw Sleeve)——
24Aiming Arm(Support/Compression nut)11.2/3.2
25Sleeve( Guide Pin)——
26Depth Gauge10.6/3.2
27Drill(Proximal Cortical Cannulated Drill)10.6/3.2
28Drill(Proximal Stopper Cannulated Drill)——
29Positioning Slice——
30Screwdriver of Proximal Interlocking Screw——
31Torque Wrench for Proximal Interlocking Screw——
32Connecting Rod for Proximal Interlocking ScrewA170/200
33Aiming Arm(Distal Outrigger)240
34Aiming Arm(Distal Outrigger)170/200/240
35Distal Aiming Device (Static 90°)11/8.2
36Protection Sleeve(Distal Locking Sleeve)8.2/4.3
37Drill Guide4.3
38Fixation Pin4.3
39Bone Drill(Head)——
40Diameter Ruler——
41Wrench(Distal Locking)sw4
42Wrench(Flexible Screw Driver)sw8
43Guide Wire (Guide Pin for End Cap)2.8
44Screwdriver(Cannulated Screwdriver for End Cap)2.8/SW4/sW11
45Slide Hammer(Extension Rod for End Cap)——
46open-ended WrenchsW11
47Screwdriver(End Cap Holder)——
48Extractor of Proximal Interlocking ScrewsW4.5
49Round Hammer——
50Nail Extractor——
51Guide Wire (Clean Wire)2.8

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