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Instruments Set for Tibial Interlocking Nail(Ⅲ)
Instruments Set for Tibial Interlocking Nail(Ⅲ)

Instruments Set for Tibial Interlocking Nail(Ⅲ)

1Positioning Slice (Skin Protector)-
2Positioning Slice (Drill for Stopper)Φ4.2
3Positioning Slice (Drill for Stopper)Φ6.4
4Wire Thread Device (Wall Retaining Core)-
5Wire Thread Device (Wall Retaining Sleeve)-
9Wrench (Wrench for Stopper)SW3
10Wrench (Connecting Screw Wrench)SW6.5
11Wrench (Wheel Lock Wrench)SW5
12Wrench (Connecting Screw Cardan Wrench)SW6.5
13Wrench (T Femoral Neck Wrench)T40
14Wrench (Quick Coupling Femoral Neck Wrench)T40
15Wrench ( Cardan Wrench)T40
16Large Fragment Reduction Device-
17Quick Coupling Handle-
18Flexible Reamer(Guide Shaft)-
19Flexible Reamer(Head)Φ8
20Flexible Reamer(Head)Φ8.5
21Flexible Reamer(Head)Φ9
22Flexible Reamer(Head)Φ9.5
23Flexible Reamer(Head)Φ10
24Flexible Reamer(Head)Φ10.5
25Flexible Reamer(Head)Φ11
26Flexible Reamer(Head)Φ11.5
27Flexible Reamer(Head)Φ12
28Flexible Reamer(Head)Φ12.5
29Flexible Reamer(Head)Φ13
30Guide WireΦ2.5/Φ4
31Hard ReamerΦ7
32Hard ReamerΦ8
33Hard ReamerΦ9
34Hard ReamerΦ10
35Hard ReamerΦ11
36Hard ReamerΦ12
37Aiming Arm (Handle)-
38Aiming Arm (Connecting Screw)SW6.5
39Aiming Arm (Proximal Outrigger)-
40Aiming Arm (Connecting Shaft Wheel Lock)-
41Aiming Arm (Targeting Shaft)-
42Aiming Arm (Distal Guide Shaft)-
43Aiming Arm (Distal Guide Shaft Wheel Lock)-
44Aiming Arm (Distal Outrigger)-
45Aiming Arm (Distal Outrigger Wheel Lock)-
46Aiming Arm (Targeting Shaft)-
47Aiming Arm (Targeting Block)-
48Slide Hammer-
49Periosteal Retractor (Obturator)-
50Periosteal Retractor (Targeting Shaft Sleeve)-
51Drill Guide (Locking Screw Sleeve)-
52Drill Guide (Targeting Shaft Sleeve)Φ4.2
53Drill Guide (Guide Pin Sleeve)Φ5.2
54Drill Guide (Femoral Neck Sleeve)Φ2.5
55Protection Sleeve (External Sleeve)Φ6.4
56Protection Sleeve (Targeting Shaft Sleeve)-
57Bone Drill (Targeting Shaft)-
58Bone Drill (Targeting Flat Head Drill)Φ5.2
59Bone Drill (Bone Drill)Φ5.2
60Bone Drill (Femoral Neck Drill)Φ4.2
61Diameter RulerΦ6.4
62Bone Screwdriver (Quick Coupling Wrench)-
63Bone Screwdriver (Locking Screw Wrench)T25
64Positioning Pin (Guide Pin)T25
65Positioning Pin (Threaded Guide Wire)Φ2.5*320
66Radiographic RulerΦ2.5*320
67Locking Pin Compression Device-
69Depth Gauge-

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