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AI-ECG Platform
AI-ECG Platform

AI-ECG Platform

Wide application scenarios

AI-ECG Platform Details

Product Features

  • Can be used in hospital, clinique, physical examination center, community health center and pet center;

  • Application of CSE and AHA database, reliable automatic measurement and analysis result;

  • Multiple, practical and user-definable ECG diagnosis dictionaries and modules;

  • Quick search function: the doctor can set all kinds of searching terms, convenient for patient data recording and statistics;

  • Multi-format printout of 12*1, 6*2+1 or 4*3+1 on A4 paper vertically or horizontally.

  • diagnosis report printing. The software can also be connected with hospital information systems(HIS).

  • It mainly includes the following work modules: Test Center, Task Center, Case Center, Personal Center.

  • It provides efficient and convenient measurement tools, a custom terminology library, and more to help doctors make quick diagnoses.

  • Improved detection of abnormal events

    Comprehensive diagnostic accuracy rate is 95.2% and the accuracy of AI deep learning smart algorithms is tested by authoritative databases such as CSE, AHA, MIT-BIH, CTS, etc.

  • Reduced analysis time and increased efficiency
    AI-ECG technology reduce the analysis time to less than 1 minute, which significantly improve the diagnostic efficiency.

  • Improvement of diagnostic standards
    Supporting the classification of 74 abnormal ECG event diagnostic types, including 26 types of arrhythmia and 22 types of myocardial infarction diagnostic results

PC Hardware Configuration

Modularized Design (The Relationship Between Four Systems And Modules)

Ordering Information

The installation enviroment should meet at least the following requirements:

NameRecommended Configuration
ECG Analysis ComputerCPU: Intel® Core™ i5
HDD:500 GB and above
Display resolution: 1280*768
Printer resolution: 600 dpi

Name of systemECG ReceiverECG ReceiverECG Vet Manager & AcquirerECG Manager& Acquirer
Brief introduction to the functionsCan receive ECG files from several ECGs and support a variety of file format conversion, storage and outputCan receive ECG files from several ECGs, and manage files, such as register, edit, waveform review, analysis and measurementExcept for all the functions of receiver and manager systems, it can also support the real-time lead acquisition, display and analysis.Except for all the functions of receiver and manager systems, it can also support the real-time lead acquisition, display and analysis.
Module compositionFile receiver module
Data management module for human

Data management module for veterinary

Acquirer module

Connected deviceECG (human / vet)ECG (human)ECG (Vet) & collecting boxECG (human) & collecting box
Standard configurationSoftware CD, RS232 cable, Dongle(R)Software CD, RS232 cable, Dongle(M)Software CD, RS232 cable, USB cable, Dongle (VA)Software CD, RS232 cable, USB cable, Dongle (A)
OptionsNetwork converterNetwork converterNetwork converterNetwork converter

Catalogue No.PCECG-500

*Product registration and availability vary by country. For more information on product availability, please contact us here.

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