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Pocket ECG
Pocket ECG

Pocket ECG

LEPU PCECG-500 Pocket ECG Machine is portable, lightweight and easy to use. It provides the acquisition, analysis, storage and transmission of 12-lead ECG information. Compared to traditional heavy ECG machines, our small PCECG-500 is a great choice for clinics, family doctors and emergency care.

Pocket ECG Details

Product Features

  • 4.46-inch LCD color touch screen, portable design, small size and lightweight, easy to carry.

  • Supports simultaneous acquisition and display of 6 and 12 lead waveforms and heart rate detection.

  • Supports data transfer via email.

  • Provides 4 sampling modes: pre-sampling, real-time sampling, periodic sampling, and triggered sampling.

  • Provides Glasgow conventional analysis algorithm to automatically analyze the acquired ECG waveforms and output measurement values and diagnostic results.

  • Supports automatic mode and R-R mode, supports automatic pacing detection and marking.

  • Supports ADS (Anti-Drift System) and EMG (Electromyography) interference.

  • Powered by external DC power or built-in rechargeable lithium battery which supports continuous working time >24 hours.

Physical and Hardware Specifications

ECG Specifications

Physical and Hardware Specifications:

Main Unit


134mm × 74mm × 17mm (5.28" × 2.91" × 0.67")
(Width × Depth × Height)


About 250g, including the main unit and battery


4.46 inches, color LCD touchscreen
Resolution: 480 × 854 pixels

Power Supply

Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Rated voltage: 3.8V

Rated capacity: 6000mAh

Run time:
When using only the internal battery,
under normal conditions, when the battery
is fully charged, the device can
continuously acquire and send ECG data
for more than 24 hours.

Charge time:
Charge the battery for at least 8 hours
before using it for the first time.
For a depleted battery with the device
power off:
≤ 8h to 90% capacity
≤ 10h to 100% capacity

ECG Specifications:

Heart Rate Measurement


Peak-peak detection

Measurement range


Measurement range


Main Unit


6/12-lead synchronous acquisition and analysis

A/D conversion

24 bits

Sampling rate

2000 samples/sec

Skew between channels

No skew

Amplitude quantisation

0.95 μV/LSB

Common mode rejection ratio (CMRR)

≥100dB (AC filter on)

Time constant


Frequency response

0.05Hz-150Hz+0.4dB(-3.0dB), 10Hz


2.5mm/mV, 5mm/mV, 10mm/mV, 20mm/mV
Accuracy: ±5%


AC filter: 50Hz, 60Hz, Off

EMG filter: 25Hz, 35Hz, 45Hz, Off

ADS filter: 0.05Hz, 0.32Hz, 0.67Hz

Lowpass filter: 75Hz, 100Hz,150Hz, Off


5mm/s, 6.25mm/s, 10mm/s, 12.5mm/s, 25mm/s, 50mm/s
Accuracy: ±3%

Input impedance

≥50MΩ (10Hz)

Calibration voltage


Depolarization voltage




Pacing pulse display

Pacing pulse with amplitude of 2mV~250mV, duration of 0.1ms~2.0ms, rise time of less than 100µs, and frequency of 100/min can be displayed on the ECG recording.

ECG input signal range


Minimum detectable signal


Analysis Algorithm

Glasgow Resting ECG Analysis Program (12-lead)
CWECG-SLA ECG analysis program (6-lead)

*Product registration and availability vary by country. For more information on product availability, please contact us here.

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