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ECG-1103G/1103L/1103LW Digital Three-channel ECG
ECG-1103G/1103L/1103LW Digital Three-channel ECG

ECG-1103G/1103L/1103LW Digital Three-channel ECG

Digital Three-channel ECG

ECG-1103G/1103L/1103LW Digital Three-channel ECG Details


● 5-inch colorful touch screen, easy to operate.

● Can be powered by AC power supply or a built-in rechargeable lithium battery.

● Support 6,9 and 12-lead automatic ECG acquisition, display and heart rate detection.

● Support 3 working modes: auto, manual, and R-R.

● Provide 4 sampling modes: pre-sampling, real-time sampling, periodic sampling and trigger sampling.

● Support automatic pacing detection and marking.

● Support suppression of baseline drift and EMG (electromyograph) interference.

● Support freezing the ECG waveform on the current screen.

● Output files in multiple formats, such as DAT, XML, JPEG, PDF, HL7.

● Auto-saving function: save the ECG data when the report is printed.

● Store, preview, export, upload, print and search patient data.

● Support transmission of ECG data via wired or Wi-Fi network.

Technical Specifications

Ordering Information

Safety StandardIEC Class I, type CF
Acquisition Mode12 lead acquisition simultaneously
Input CircuitFloating, protection against defibrillator and pacemaker
A/D Converter12 bit
Time Constant≥3.2s
Frequency Response0.05Hz ~ 165Hz
Sensitivity2.5, 5, 10, 20, 40 (mm/mV), Auto
Input Impedance≥50MO
Input Circuit Current≤50nA
Calibration Voltage1mV±2%
Noise Level<15μVp-p
Anti Baseline DriftAutomatic
FilterEMG Filter: 35Hz ~ 45Hz (-3dB)
ADS Filter: Auto (0.15-0.50Hz)
HUM Filter: 50Hz/60Hz (-20dB)
Patient Current Leakag<10μA
Paper Speed5/6.25/10/12.5/25/50mm/s
Recording Paper63mm/80mm(width), 20m/30m(length), roll
Power SupplyAC: 110/220V, 50/60Hz
DC: 12V, built-in rechargeable lithium battery
Dimension345mm×300mm×80mm; 415mm×195mm×380mm(Carton)
Net Weight2.5kgs
Gross Weight4.5kgs


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