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PC-1000 Central Monitoring Station
PC-1000 Central Monitoring Station

PC-1000 Central Monitoring Station

Central Monitoring Station

Please note: this product is currently not authorized for sale or distribution in the U.S. It's strictly forbidden to advertise, marketing and resell to any U.S. customers or U.S. territories.

PC-1000 Central Monitoring Station Details

PC-1000 Features

• Up to 64 -bed monitoring with single and dual display

• LAN and wireless connections are available

• Large storage capacity for waveform and numeric records

• Various visual alarms of highlight, flashing, text with audio

• Key bed monitoring for convenient observation and view

• Review of numeric, graphic and trend records 

Technical Specifications

MainboardIntel chips with PCI slot
CPUIntel I3 3.0G dual cores
RAM4G or above
Hard disk160G or above with 20G vacant space
Display17" or above, resolution 1280*1024
Graphic cardDual output independent GA card

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